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All our releases since 2011.


Produced and composed by DJ tShak and sung by Maroua Issa, the solo of violon in the Radio and Extended Mix is played by Radhi Chawaly. The remixed version was made in Progressive House by the Tunisian producer Akram Chekki.


Siul Silva – Green Arms (Ep) is one of the best TechHouse music release of Koojina Records.


MATERIALISE EP Sam BK RELEASE DATE: 2015-06-11 CATALOG: KR0024 GENRE: Deep House Sam BK - Materialise Ep is the latest release on Koojina...


KRM5003 Tshak, Pierre B, Blacklight, Sam.D RELEASE DATE: 2015-06-11 CATALOG: KR0023 GENRE: Deep House, Tech House KRM5003 produced by tShak, Pierre B, Sam.D and...


XBOSS Tshak RELEASE DATE: 2014-12-30 CATALOG: KR0022 GENRE: Techno xBoss is a techno track for the lover of techno produced by...


House Music, TechHouse, Progressive House, Deep House release, produced by Bob Mileur, tShak, Titinho, Rion, Siul Silva, DJ Amolka, Zamit Kais, Loco Motive, Akram Chekki, Distant Keys, Maximo Menges and Fratello.


VRACH Akram Chekki Koojina records is pleased to present you the latest creations of the artist Akram Chekki. A mixture between Techno and House that will take you into the fantasy world of his...

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